Here you'll find a selection of styles and designs that represent the types of knives I make. Folders are my specialty and include Linerlocks, Frame Locks, Lockbacks, Slipjoints, Convertible Daggers, and Double Action Autos, and I also make Fixed Blades.
I use a variety of steels and I personally heat treat all of my knives. My preference for damascus is 1084, 1095 and 15n20. Other blade steels I use are ATS 34, CTSXHP and S35VN to name a few.
I like the look of natural materials for my handles and inlays such as ivory, desert ironwood, stag and pearl, but I also use G-10, carbon fiber, titanium and other materials.
Engraving, handmade indexed screws and file work are just some of the aesthetic details you'll see on my knives.
CUSTOM FOLDERS                                       CUSTOM FIXED BLADES                            EDC & UTILITY BLADES