Like every knife maker, the study and manipulation of a wide variety of metal alloys are practiced routinely. In the course of my research on blade alloys, I became intrigued with Dendritic Steels and Dendritic Cobalt. The performance characteristics were impressive.

After much research and learning about the unique industrial casting process required to make bar stock and blades out of Dendritic Cobalt, I reached out to my long-time friend and colleague, Patrick Ma, knowing that not only is he an avid outdoorsman, but knowing he also has the expertise in product design and production. Long story short, in 2018, Patrick and I launched Terrain 365.

Terrain 365 designs and crafts state-of-the-art edged tools geared for the outdoors. Our blades, made with our proprietary alloy Terravantium™, are designed to perform in all environments, are 100% rust-proof, non-magnetic and possess superb edge-holding characteristics.

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